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Dreams To Guide Us

Helping You to Analyze Your Dreams
Using the Tarot 
by Nancy Roberts DePoe

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Carl G. Jung

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."



The Story

I believe we each come to this life with gifts to offer; over the past 30 years I have studied spirituality, astrology, dreams, and tarot. All of these elements brought me to start Dreams To Guide Us.

Dreams To Guide Us is a place where you can get some quick guidance to a perplexing dream that you might have had but have no idea what the dream is trying to tell you. Using the Thoth Tarot Deck and card interpretations based on the work of the late Angeles Arrien, I create a 3 Card Tarot Dream Report to help guide you in your interpretation of your dream. To see examples of some dream reports simply scroll down below.

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Dream Title: The Extra Room

The Dream as I remember it: I’m in a house that isn’t my own but in the dream it is. I discover an extra bedroom and at first it’s...

Dream Title: European Stone Cathedral

The Dream as I remember it: I am in Europe visiting an old stone cathedral, wearing a brown t-shirt (because that’s what you wear on a...

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Carl G. Jung

"A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood it becomes a living experience."



What You Need To Do To Receive Your Dream Report


Dream Submission

  • Access the 3 Card Tarot Dream Report Form by clicking on the blue button above!

  • Email the completed form to me by following the instructions on the form

  • Scroll Down and make your payment via PayPal

  • You will receive your completed 3 Card Tarot Dream Report via email within 2-3 business days!

  • Any questions please contact me at: dreamstoguideus@gmail.com


Price of Reports


3 Card Tarot Dream Report

You will receive a 4-6 page report with full-color Thoth card illustrations with descriptions of each card pulled and its connection to your dream.

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To Contact Me

Thanks for your interest in Dreams To Guide Us. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!
All the best! -- Nancy Roberts DePoe

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Before you go...

I believe we are lead throughout our lives to where we find ourselves today! We can either take the road less-traveled or we can go the direct route! Whichever we choose, dreams can guide us along our journey; they act like little Post-It Notes messages from our Higher Self pointing the way.

For a chance to win a free dream report please subscribe below with your email address! Thank you for stopping by and happy dreaming!   --- Nancy

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