• Sample 3 Card Tarot Dream Report

Dream Title: The Extra Room

Updated: Jul 2

The Dream as I remember it: I’m in a house that isn’t my own but in the dream it is. I discover an extra bedroom and at first it’s fascinating, but soon a fear washes over me as though this room is haunted and that’s why it’s been closed off this whole time. I won’t let my children go near it and decide to keep it off limits. As I go back to the “safe” part of the house, I still know that room is there now and I no longer like living in my house.

First Impressions: uneasiness, amazement

Images/Symbols: space and fear

Characters: me, and my family is a side thought

Feeling and Sensing: fascination, foreboding

Final Thoughts: It’s a recurring dream and when I used to find a room it was nothing but potential. In the past year though, it’s become haunted.

What Has Been Going On in My Life: I can’t say when it started and when it transitioned over to more scary than exciting. Perhaps Covid has played a part. Death has been closer to me since the start of Covid and I'm not really sure how I will handle others' deaths. I’ve also been on my own spiritual growth journey for the past few years. That could have something to do with the extra rooms opening up in my house.

Three cards are pulled from the Crowley-Thoth Tarot Deck with the intent that they can offer some ideas or suggestions for ways to think about one’s dream. The three cards represent (1) Coming to the Dream: what is going on in the dreamer’s life within the past few days, weeks or months prior to the dream, (2) Present: what is occurring in the present moment in the dreamer's life; and (3) Last Card: what ideas, actions might the cards be pointing the dreamer to think about. So, here are the three cards that I pulled:

Coming to the Dream

Ten of Swords – Ruin

The 10 of Swords symbolizes ruin, a state of mental despair or fear held in the mind to such a point that you have made a conscious decision that things are not going to work out in two arenas of your life, either in an emotional relationship which is symbolized by the pierced heart, or about finances, symbolized by the scales at the top of the card.

The astrological aspect of the card is Sun in Gemini. People with Sun in Gemini are mentally gifted in synthesizing polarities, oppositions and paradox; hence they can see both positive and negative aspects in a situation and those negative aspects can produce fear.

Within the next ten weeks or months, you may want to resolve negative relationships with Gemini people in your life (May 21-June 21), or release fears of ruin around relationships or finances. The fears that you could be releasing may go back 10 weeks, 10 years or perhaps to when you were 10 years old – possibly family conditioning. The number 10 is associated with The Wheel of Fortune of the major arcana; The Wheel of Fortune spins and you can draw upon it for visual support in turning this situation into the direction of more positive results…don’t make statements like “I know it’s not going to work.” Somehow within the next 10 weeks or months you will release the fear that produces negative thinking.

(Possible Connections to Dream: Thoughts about Covid, fears concerning “death,” deaths of others, haunted (departed spirits) room; possible fears of graduating beyond your first Saturn return into adult “responsibility” particularly for your children – which doesn’t feel “safe” anymore as you experience others’ deaths. Trying to protect your children from death itself – either for them or the death of family members – hence you make it “off limits!”)

Present – The Now Moment

Four of Swords – Truce (Jupiter in Libra)

The Four of Swords is the negotiating mind, the conflict/resolution mind or the mediating mind. The four-fold process is truce that’s experienced on all four levels of consciousness: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The webbing in the background represents conflictual issues – the states of complexity that needs to be resolved.

In order for negotiation or conflict-resolution to be successful, there are four peaceful principles that come from native traditions -- referred to as the four-fold way. In order for truce to be experienced, one must: first, show-up; second, pay attention; third, tell the truth; and fourth, not be attached to outcome. When one can do this—the results are renewal and regeneration, symbolized by the yellow and green colors on the card – renewal (green) and from a deep spiritual place (yellow).

Whenever you pull this card, it can indicate that in the next 4 weeks or months, there is opportunity for truce-making, conflict resolution, negotiation and resolution with important issues or people in your life. You have the flexibility and expansiveness of Jupiter and the centeredness and balance of Libra. The Four of Swords can symbolize this truce happening with the month of Libra (September) or with Libra people in your life (September 21 – October 21).

(Possible Connections to Dream: Maybe the “truce” needs to be made with the Universe? Recognizing that one is not in “control” of all the experiences of life (hence, some rooms – areas of growth – may feel “scary.” Recognizing that you are not in control can perhaps bring you back into a place of balance. Recognizing that there is always help from the Universe can make finding your point of balance that much easier!)

Last Card

Adjustment – The Principle of Balance: Justice/Realignment – Libra

This symbol represents the universal principle of alignment and balance. In most Tarot decks this symbol is known as the Justice card, reflecting the principle of negotiation and truth. In the central portion of the symbol is a figure that stands in a diamond, having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception. In Egyptian mythology, this central figure portrays Maat, the Goddess of Law, Truth and Justice. Maat played an important part in the judgment of the dead, either herself or her feather was placed in the scales opposite the heart of the dead person in order to test its truthfulness.

In astrology this symbol represents Libra, the scales. Within the scales are the Greek letters Alpha, representing beginnings and Omega, symbolizing endings or completions. The principle of balance requires that whatever is initiated or begun (Alpha) must be completed at some time (Omega). The scales are also symbols of legalities, financial balance and business acumen.

The perfectly shaped circles or balloons are symbols representing formulated ideas or thoughts. This is the integrating, balancing and synthesizing mind which is often expressed through writing, research and design. The Ace of Swords appears on the Adjustment card as well; here it is facing downwards symbolizing the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways. The Ace of Swords (representing the creative mind) is facing downward, symbolizing that the creative mind is being directly applied and brought down to ear in realistic and practical ways.

The four elongated pillars in the background of the card symbolize balance of health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The eyes of the figure are masked, symbolizing that our ultimate balance comes from within.

(Possible Connections to Dream: Interesting that all 3 cards are in the suit of swords – which represents mental/thinking – which is where we get are “thoughts that are fearful!” The webbing in the background of The Four of Swords is being pierced by the Ace of Swords in this final card…it is an interesting link between the two cards!...Also interesting is that Maat, the Egyptian goddess of the dead shows up in the card draw connected to your dream!)

Action Plan: If this were my dream, I would conduct an active dream session by sitting down in an easy chair in a calm and quiet moment and actively re-enter the dream, re-enter the house and then ultimately re-enter the “haunted room.” I would go into the room and ask it “what did it want to teach me – what did it have to tell me that would help me on my spiritual path?” I would “thank” the room (you are actually communicating with your Higher Self) and then gently leave the room and take note of how the room and the house feels to you now. After ending the dream I would write down my active dream experience.

Note: The "interpretations" for each card are based on the work of Angeles Arrien (1940-2014) and her book The Tarot Handbook. The "connections" made from the cards to the elements in the dream our based upon my own interpretations and recognition of the meanings of various symbolic images including, but not limited to: astrology, numerology, Jungian archetypes and tarot. The "Action Plan" should be viewed as a suggestion for you to work with your dream to determine what the dream means to you!

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