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Dream Title: European Stone Cathedral

Updated: Jul 2

The Dream as I remember it:

I am in Europe visiting an old stone cathedral, wearing a brown t-shirt (because that’s what you wear on a European vacation…lol). A young woman comes up to me on the street and asks me if I want to try some weed/marijuana. I agree and proceed to follow her through the cathedral. We walk throughout the church’s large grounds made up of multiple buildings fairly quickly. I notice that my legs don’t hurt at all (Am I healed?)

I am excited to see/participate in this adventure as I think to myself I’m old enough – I need to try marijuana at least once in my life! (I have had a few opportunities but like some other folks we know -- “didn’t inhale!”) We are climbing these beautiful stone steps and keep climbing up and up to an upper floor. I tell the young woman that I lived in Europe 20 years ago and that I am back for a visit.

She introduces me to a group of her friends who know my daughter. They think I am her sister and they are surprised to learn that I am her mother. We go to a room that looks like a meeting-room, beautifully upholstered velvet chairs with golden wood trim line the sides of a very beautiful teal blue room; there are beautiful electric candle scones decorating the walls that provide the lighting for the low-lit room. Everyone is seated on the floor humming together. I sit between two people and find that my voice blends very well with them. We are all “humming” waiting for a “service” to start. As we are humming I wake up.

What Has Been Going On in My Life:

Back in January of this year I learned that Huston Smith had died a number of years ago and I didn’t know about it (December 30, 2016). I purchased a couple of books about his life, etc. that I did not have and was reading them near the time of the dream. I admired Huston very much and had the amazing opportunity of sitting with him at lunch during a retreat years ago and hearing him tell his story of the multi-phonic chanting of the Gyoto Monks of Tibet. This was an extraordinary event in my life as I remember Huston telling the exact same story on NPR back in the 1980s, when I was in my 20s. I was at my grandmother’s house cleaning and listening to the radio when he told the story to me the first time – it was just incredible that years later I would be able to hear that story told to me again -- in person!

Images/Symbols: Stone cathedral; beautiful stone staircase; weed/marijuana; #20; I fell down in November 2016 and hurt my knee, which has made it difficult for me to walk ever since; brown t-shirt (monk’s habit?)

Characters: young women; my daughter mentioned

Feeling and Sensing: the humming was amazing, the feeling of being able to walk without pain in my knee was great

Final Thoughts: I lived in Brussels, Belgium when I was 26 years old, and I have recurring dreams of being in beautiful metropolitan “European” cities.

Three cards are pulled from the Crowley-Thoth Tarot Deck with the intent that they can offer some ideas or suggestions for ways to think about one’s dream. The three cards represent (1) Coming to the Dream: what is going on in the dreamer’s life within the past few days, weeks or months prior to the dream, (2) Present: what is occurring in the present moment of the dreamer's life, and (3) Last Card: what ideas, actions might the cards be pointing the dreamer to think about. So, here are the three cards that I pulled:

Coming to the Dream

Seven of Disks – Failure

The picture of fear of failure or fear of success. Astrological aspect is Saturn in Taurus. The whole function of fear is to constrict or distort energy that people experience as the fear of limitation or restriction. Taurus is the astrological sign of productivity and achievement – this is often experienced as your productivity or achievement is limited. This card indicates that within the next 7 weeks or months you have an opportunity to move through old fears of failure that might have surfaced within the last 7 months, years or perhaps age 7. It is fear about something external failing: about finances, health, work, creativity, relationships; fear of failure surrounding Taurus people (April 21 – May 21). The number 7 in the major arcana is The Chariot. The Chariot is the major archetype of change, transformation and movement. The chance to move through and release old memories of failure and to move through fears of failure or success.

(Possible Connection to Dream: Saturn is the highlighted planet for this tarot card. The dreamer fell down 4 years ago and hurt her right knee which has caused her problems walking ever since – the knees are particularly associated with Saturn. Saturn is also associated with limitations, structure, career, ambitions, authority figures (ie. The patriarchal church fathers) 7 is also significant as the maturing process through the hard aspects (squares and oppositions) in a Saturn Return, which takes 29.4 years to revolve around the sun.…at age 56 (7 times 8) the dreamer is just entering her 2nd Saturn Return. The Disks and the color brown are both associated with the earth element – which is certainly connected to the “grounds” of the Cathedral. Weeds -- “things that are weighing the dreamer down, getting her down, causing her stress)

Present – The Now Moment

Ace of Disks – Practical Organization and Manifestation

Success that is experienced both internally and externally. Internal success is represented by the four sets of angel wings, which represent the four levels of success in consciousness – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. External success is represented by the coins within the coins and the crystals within the crystals in the center of this symbol. When you pull this card, it is an indication that you are no longer willing to support the dichotomy of experiencing internal success and not external success (or vice versa). This is the union between spiritual and physical aspects of the self; radiating the higher aspects of oneself and bringing it into physical manifestation within the next 12 months. Also indicates success experienced with Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus people in your life.

(Possible Connections to Dream: Interesting that this dream is about a cathedral and the Ace of Disks has angel wings on the card. The idea of climbing steps higher and higher could be a call to pursue some goal and bring it into manifestation within the next year, also the potential increase in one’s level of consciousness.)

Last Card

Ten of Disks – Wealth

The Ten of Disks represents wealth or riches, abundance, prosperity. The astrological aspect is Mercury in Virgo. It is through your communication skills (Mercury) and your organizational skills (Virgo) that you can manifest abundance or prosperity in a tangible way. This card also symbolizes that by using your communication gifts, (3 coins at the top), your healing gifts (the caduceus on the bottom coin) and your inspirational gifts (the coins with the stars) you are able to manifest abundance, represented by the Hebrew symbols for abundance in the middle three coins. The coins and the slices of trees represent the abundance found on earth (disks.) Within the next 10 weeks, months you can manifest abundance by communicating, organizing and systematizing things in your life.

(Possible Connections to Dream: The communication skills and the blending of the voices in the “upper room,” the healing gifts associated with The Ten of Disks and the knee being “miraculously healed,” the young women in the dream associated with Virgo, the dreamer in the role of “Mother,” beautiful humming music in a beautiful room – very spiritual feel to it all.)

Action Plan: If this were my dream, I would conduct an active dream session by sitting down in an easy chair in a calm and quiet moment and actively re-enter the dream, re-enter the Cathedral and explore the many levels of it and eventually make my way up to the beautiful blue “upper room.” I would rejoin the chanting group and complete the chanting session at which time I would ask the young woman who accompanied me on this journey if she had any advice for me about healing my knee or if there were something she wanted to tell me. (Knowing that this response was coming from a part of my Higher Self.) After ending the dream I would write down my active dream experience in my dream journal.

Note: The "interpretations" for each card are based on the work of Angeles Arrien (1940-2014) and her book The Tarot Handbook. The "connections" made from the cards to the elements in the dream our based upon my own interpretations and recognition of the meanings of various symbolic images including, but not limited to: astrology, numerology, Jungian archetypes and tarot. The "Action Plan" should be viewed as a suggestion for you to work with your dream to determine what the dream means to you!

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